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Sundays at Tanto:

Brunch with a Twist on Ossington Ave.

This is not just your regular eggs and toast. It is brunch in its fullest sense, cooked thoughtfully—cooked well. Nothing here is run-of-the-mill, but all dishes receive the attention to detail becoming of a high-end restaurant and are executed flawlessly. So yes, there are eggs, but what comes with them will make you rethink brunch altogether.


The most popular dish on the menu—and one that we recommend heartily—is the porchetta benedict. Although Tanto’s brunch menu features a few different benedict incarnations, all worthy of a taste, the porchetta variation reigns supreme. Served on a house-baked brioche bun, it is both crispy and succulent, topped with a brown butter hollandaise. Like many of Iliopoulos’ creations, this is a deeply textured dish, with hints of rosemary and just a little bit of tartness that strikes the palate exactly as it should.


But if eggs are not your thing, fear not, as Tanto’s menu is provides a robust set of options that have very little to do with this brunch staple. High on the list are the mouth-watering sandwiches with duck confit, lamb belly, or morcilla, all made in house and topped with pickled delicacies. 


Equally interesting are the vegetarian options, ranging from fresh salads to a very gooey mushroom provoleta. The most noteworthy here are, however, the squash blossoms. Lightly battered and generously stuffed with a creamy corn filling, the dish is both light and luxurious, and it served with a smoky tomato aioli that balances it perfectly.


Though it’s easy to get carried away by the food, one would be remiss not to mention the exciting cocktails that accompany Tanto’s brunch. Crafted to complement the flavours of the food and perfect for the time of day, the cocktails shown above are just a few of Tanto's ever-expanding drink menu.

Make sure to book your table in advance!

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